Isaac Reads ‘Safety First’ on The Rob and Slim Show

Isaac Reads Safety First on The Rob and Slim Show

In his fourth appearance, Isaac reads ‘Safety First’ on The Rob and Slim Show. The show aired live on April 18, 2018. Isaac also caught the guys up on what he’s been doing for the past six months, including the modest success of his collection of short tales of dark comic horror Road Kills. After the reading, Rob, Slim, Slambo, and Isaac attempted to make up a horror story (or at the very least a horrible story) on-the-fly.

“I always have a great time with these guys,” Isaac says of the appearance. “This time I even ordered some of their merch from I also had a German doctor examine this thing on my tongue on the air to see if I could finally determine what to do about it.”

The Rob and Slim Show airs live every Wednesday night on ipnation. All shows, including Isaac’s most recent appearance, are then archived on PodBean. You can also catch the complete interview with Isaac on Rob and Slim’s YouTube channel.

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Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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