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Media Kit - Isaac Thorne

Isaac R. Thorne is a nice man who has, over the course of his life, developed a modest ability to spin a good yarn. Really. He promises. He considers himself a lover of books, music, movies, and other forms of pop culture phenomenon. His philosophy on his life is that it’s all one giant experiment. He is the author of short tales of dark comic horror, two audio plays, and one screenplay.

Isaac grew up in rural Tennessee, where he attended high school and some college. From an early age, he became fascinated by scary folklore, such as the types of tales that are often told around campfires. He also developed a love of scary audio or radio stories, which he borrowed on vinyl from the local library.

Although he has been writing since he could form letters with crayons, Isaac has always considered himself a private man, publishing none of his horror work until January 2013, when he released the digital short story “Nobody Was Here”.

Isaac’s Books

You can find Isaac’s books on, as well as most other e-book retail outlets. He likes to write shorter works–stuff you can read in one sitting. He might produce a longer novel one day. It’s certainly not out of the question, although writing a novel is neither a goal nor a dream for Isaac. He does enjoy reading them, though.

More books are always in the works.

Some Q & A
with Isaac

Funny horrific ideas occur to me on a regular basis. Writing them down seemed like a simple way to prevent them from eating me inside out.

Isaac Thorne

Many of the questions and answers below are from Isaac’s Smashwords interview. The interview in its entirety can be found at

If you’re so nice, why write this kind of stuff?

Because the stories are funny, gross, and horrific, all of which appeals to my–shall we say–underdeveloped maturity. Rest assured that even though my work might not fit the sensibilities of some readers, I truly mean no harm nor offense. Frankly, if you don’t want to be horrified you should not be downloading horror stories. Perhaps you would be happier with another genre.

When did you first start writing?

First Grade. My first story was about overalls and why everyone should wear them.

What motivated you?

Funny horrific ideas occur to me on a regular basis. Writing them down seemed like a simple way to prevent them from eating me inside out. Putting them out there for other people to read seemed like a simple way to keep the neighborhood kids off my lawn.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in the rural American South. It might occasionally influence my colloquial word choices. Other than that, I don’t really think it does influence my writing. I write short tales of dark comic horror. Is there any place in this world that it doesn’t exist? Aren’t we all just residents of Planet Internet now anyway?

What is your writing process?

I’m more of a seat-of-the-pants type of writer. You might find a few paragraphs of idea lying around, but you’ll rarely find me with a completely functional outline for a piece. I form an ultimate critical scene in my head, then I write narrative to explain how everything culminated in that scene. After a first draft of that process, I go back and rewrite and fill in the gaps, add some logic and realism, and generally polish things.

I’m…a seat-of-the-pants type of writer. I form an ultimate critical scene in my head, then I write narrative to explain how everything culminated in that scene.

Isaac Thorne

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

The need to urinate. Well, that and the fact that I need to earn a living.

Who are your favorite authors?

I expect that very few authors in my genre could answer this question without citing Stephen King. I will admit that the work of his early career was most influential on me. That said, I also like Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son), Thomas Harris, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, and many, many, many more you’ve probably never heard of.

Contacting Isaac

You can always try to contact Isaac by using the form on the Contact page. Here are a few other methods of contacting Isaac if you just don’t feel like clicking that Contact page link:

If that doesn’t work, feel free to try the social media links at the top of just about every page on this site. Isaac is most active on Twitter.

Isaac’s Awards

The Gordon Place

On Sept. 1, 2019, Isaac’s novel The Gordon Place won the Finalist Award for Fiction–Horror in the Readers’ Favorite Annual International Book Awards. The novel was released in print and ebook editions in April of 2019. The audiobook edition narrated by Sean Duregger was released in August of the same year.

Readers' Favorite Award Finalist Certificate for 'The Gordon Place'
Readers’ Favorite Award Finalist Certificate for The Gordon Place


In 2016, Isaac adapted “Diggum”, one of his short stories, to screenplay format. That screenplay has won awards from all of the following:

In addition, the screenplay has been recognized by all of the following:

Diggum Screenplay Awards

Isaac In
Other Media


Other media have featured Isaac Thorne as a guest, as a contributor, or a shout-out. On this page, you’ll find links to some of that work and those folks. Isaac highly recommends visiting these sites even if you’re not interested in his own contributions. They are works of art, horror and otherwise.

Isaac himself is available for podcast, radio, web, or print interviews. Simply reach out to him by using the form on the Contact page, or through Twitter.

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Testimonials From Readers

“This one is fast, twisted, and keeps you involved, wondering what the next paragraph has in store.” (Amazon review of Hoppers)

Thomas Hoppers

“The way that the Gordon Place moves back-and-forth between past and present in order to weave them together into one chilling narrative was a truly engaging device…” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“…possibly my favourite from [Road Kills] is the Stephen Kingesque ‘Nobody Was Here’… when disgust and fear turns into disgust and power!!” ( review of Road Kills)

Helen Road Kills

“Thorne might have created his own genre.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“I loved the ending. I would have never thought of ending it like that.” (Amazon review of Nobody Was Here)

Donna Nobody Was Here

“If you want to read a story that gives you the chills, don’t hesitate to read it.” (Amazon review of Diggum)

Vicky Diggum

“With the right amount of gore and a permeating sense of dread, this work proves Thorne to be a gifted storyteller.” (PW review of The Gordon Place via

Publishers Weekly

“This novel is well thought-out, with intriguing character arcs that readers will want to learn more about. There are apt descriptions of gritty individuals in the small town.” (BookLife Prize critique THE GORDON PLACE)

BookLife Prize

“You will meet some wonderful and intriguing characters.” (Goodreads review of The Gordon Place)


“Oh God, this story freaked me out and this is why I am so reticent about Facebook.” (Amazon review of Dislike)

Clare Dislike

“Honestly, the best horror story I have read in a long time.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“Even with the dark storyline there was quite a bit of humor. I loved it.” (Amazon review of Dislike)

Donna Dislike

“Lee Gordon is hands down the most vile character I’ve ever been introduced to in a fictional story.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“I really hope I don’t have nightmares from this, or see the ‘dog’ in my dreams!” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“This is a fantastic chilling story for anyone that enjoys ghost stories.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“This talented author not only writes well, but offers crafty metaphoric tales of fright and violence that are surely born of the jaded and frazzled psychology of American current events of the last few decades.” (Amazon review of Road Kills)

Red Road Kills

“This story made my day. As horror fan, I love to read quick stories with a good point. This is our reality, when we have shitty day, another shit is on our way.” (Goodreads review of Nobody Was Here)


“Reeling and hooking you in to the tale successfully with need for answers with all the other world things occurring, serving up a haunting entertaining read.” (Lou’s review of THE GORDON PLACE)


“I liked the dark moments, those appealed to me and I think they were well done. As were the surprises.” (Texas Book Nook review of THE GORDON PLACE)

Texas Book Nook

“Author Thorne has a nice writing style that ‘shows’ rather than ‘tells’ and you’ll feel and see every bump under granny’s wheels as her car careens over curbs, sidewalks and through crosswalks.” (Amazon review of Decision Paralysis)

Joanie Decision Paralysis

“Thorne has some serious writing chops and every time I jumped back into The Gordon Place, I was easily whisked away to Lost Hollow.” (from a review by Steve Stred on Kendall Reviews)

Steve The Gordon Place

“…a thrilling throwback horror tale that tears through the pages like a hound from hell.” (review of The Gordon Place)

SCREAM Horror Magazine

“What a read! From the first few pages I got sucked into this story. I didn’t want to put it down!” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“This is a horror story for the Facebook generation.” (Amazon review of Dislike)

Dan Dislike

“This would make a great movie!” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“This was a very interesting and engrossing tale driven on the comic, yet horrific mental gymnastics pushing granny’s actions.” (Amazon review of Decision Paralysis)

Kerry Decision Paralysis

“The Gordon Place is a chilling paranormal tale that kept me turning the pages.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“You’d be hard-pressed to find that much entertainment for a dollar anywhere else.” (Goodreads review of Diggum)


“Two questions for Mr. Thorne: how is this your first novel and when can we expect the next one?” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“After more than six decades of reading horror daily, I cannot recall ever reading a story quite like this one.” (Mallory A Haws review of THE GORDON PLACE for The Haunted Reading Room)


“Even the most strange and otherworldly scenes in the book are so well described that you feel like you’re there in the midst of the action.” (Yeti’s review of THE GORDON PLACE for TN Horror News)


“Read Diggum, it makes cemeteries even creepier.” (Amazon review of Diggum)

Stephen Diggum

“Thorne superbly builds up a chilling and riveting tale of a new constable rediscovering the horrors of his past and new terrors he never could have dreamed of…” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“The Gordon Place by Isaac Thorne is an awesome read by a brand new author for me.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“I couldn’t stop listening to it.” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“The Gordon Place takes ghost stories to the next level as father and son battle it out in a supernatural fight for freedom.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“In a genre where it’s sometimes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, this is good old school horror, remarkably well-written and suitably creepy.” (review of my novel THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)

McLellan Books

“One thing is certain- Isaac Thorne kicks you in the teeth with this one. I would love to read a solid horror novel by this author.” (Amazon review of Nobody Was Here)

ScareScapes Nobody Was Here

“Wow!!! This story is awesome. You don’t encounter many horror tales where the killer is female.” (Goodreads review of Because Reasons)

Leslie Because Reasons

“Horror and humor go so very well together and Thorne nails that.” (Amazon review of Road Kills)

Ellie Paperback Cover

“…there were well-developed characters and I felt for all of them.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“…an exciting ride and I couldn’t wait to keep listening every time I had to step away.” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“If you like authors like Stephen King, Clive Barker, or Dean Koontz you will definitely enjoy this book.” (Amazon review of The Gordon Place)


“I was expecting a haunted house story and got something much better.” (Audible review of The Gordon Place).

Spooky Mike

“It kept me on the edge of my seat to see what happen now.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“This book is amazing and the ending is not what you would expect . It’s one of those books that you must read to the end to understand…” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“This book was evil and perfect all the way…” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“I was enthralled from the get go and couldn’t put the book down!” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“I will definitely be suggesting this author to all my friends.” (Amazon review of Bedside Manner)

SteelerFan Bedside Manner

“I found the story quite emotionally effective…” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“The Gordon Place needs to be a movie!” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“This story tackles a lot, but at the backbone of it all, it’s a story about forgiveness.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“…the scenes are painted so perfectly it’s as though you’re there.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“…a menacing B-movie vibe, yet addresses deeper issues of child abuse and racism and author Isaac Thorne shows that true horror doesn’t come from beyond the grave, but the dark recesses of the human heart. ” (IndieReader review of THE GORDON PLACE)


“The last scene is terrifying, and the final images and words will probably be playing over in my mind for days.” (Review of Diggum on Goodreads)

Jennifer Diggum

“It’s strange and uncomfortable and made me squeamish on occasion, but it’s well-written and engaging.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“The story will keep you wanting more, it will be hard to put this book down” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“The author uses his dark sense of humor and good narrative style in this book too, pushing readers to read between lines until the end of this book.” (review of DIGGUM on Goodreads)


“Thorne spoke through his characters in this creepy, weird journey down all the darkest highways and blackest psyches, braiding tropes with nightmares and adding a layer of spine-shivering WTF. Highly recommended.” ( review of Road Kills)

Monica Paperback Cover

“The plot was tight, atmosphere creepy as hell, prose well done.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“…a well narrated paranormal mystery I thoroughly enjoyed.” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“The author does a wonderful job of setting the scene and telling the story by weaving past and present together…” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“Like a box of poisoned bon bons, once you bite into one, you’ll be back for more.” (from a review of Road Kills on Drew Rowsome’s blog)

Drew Road Kills