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About Lost Hollow Books

Lost Hollow Books

Lost Hollow Books is a small independent publisher with a primary focus on tales of horror. We encourage our readers to relax and enjoy the ride.

Stories are not published on a fixed schedule. Short stories currently dominate the catalog, although we have recently moved into publishing novels.

You won’t find thousands and thousands of pages of epic fantasy that is difficult to follow and understand. However, you will be wildly entertained.

Where Can I Buy Titles?

You can find print, ebook, and audiobook titles at digital retailers such as Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. You can also order print titles through independent booksellers. Support independent booksellers by purchasing through Bookshop.org.

Who Do I Contact?

Lost Hollow Books does not currently maintain its own place on the Web. However, you can send email messages by using the contact form on this site.


Submissions are neither accepted nor encouraged.