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November 28, 2022 / Announcements

Keep Up With Isaac on Mastodon or Hive

Horror author Isaac Thorne has created accounts on both Mastodon and Hive Social, the popular social networks that many of the bird app’s folks have flocked to as potential replacements.
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Isaac Thorne, Richard Sheppard's Constant Reader Podcast logo, the novel covers of THE EYES OF THE DRAGON and HELL SPRING
November 1, 2022 / Appearances

Isaac Appears on The Constant Reader Podcast

Isaac Thorne appeared on Richard Sheppard’s The Constant Reader Podcast, a podcast about the canon of Stephen King. For his appearance, Thorne chose to discuss the King fantasy novel The Eyes of the Dragon.
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Screen Quest Podcast logo overlaid with images of the posters for Anything For Jackson and Evil Dead II. Portrait of Isaac Thorne overlaid with yellow background, wearing a tophat and holding a skull with a candle illuminating the inside of it.
October 16, 2022 / Appearances

Isaac Appears on Screen Quest Podcast

The Screen Quest Podcast episode featuring Isaac Thorne can be found on the Screen Quest YouTube Channel as well as other podcast outlets.
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Reviews and Testimonials

“The way [past and present weave together] into one chilling narrative was a truly engaging device…”

Charles’s Amazon review of ‘The Gordon Place’

โ€œ…the mix of sorrow and shame powering these stories lends substance to the scenes of horror. The shocking moments deliver serious jolts.โ€

Booklife Review by Publishers Weekly of ‘Hell Spring’

“…scenes in the book are so well described that you feel like you’re there in the midst of the action.”

Yeti’s TN Horror News review of ‘The Gordon Place’

“This is a fantastic chilling story for anyone that enjoys ghost stories.”

Jessica’s Goodreads review of ‘The Gordon Place’