Isaac Gets Possessed by Screen Quest Podcast

Horror author Isaac Thorne recently returned to Screen Quest Podcast to chat about two modern possession-themed flicks: The Pope's Exorcist and Talk To Me.

Horror author Isaac Thorne returned to Screen Quest Podcast, a movie podcast that is dedicating its October episodes exclusively to horror movies, recently to chat about two modern possession-themed flicks: The Pope’s Exorcist and Talk To Me. During the month of October, Screen Quest hosts Chris, Mae, and Will rebrand the podcast as SCREAM Quest and do an entire month of horror-themed episodes.

“It was awesome to be back with the Screen Quest folks to discuss these movies,” Isaac says. “I chose The Pope’s Exorcist for our chat. The Screen Quest audience chose Talk To Me. I loved both movies, which are very different.”

On the previous episode on which Isaac appeared in 2022, the group discussed horror comedies Anything For Jackson and Evil Dead II. Although Isaac maintains that horror comedies are among his favorite subgenre, it was fun to discuss movies intended to be more scary than funny. “The Pope’s Exorcist had its funny moments,” he adds. “But with the possible exception of one funny montage scene Talk To Me was brutal. I loved it.”

He adds that he felt both movies were unexpectedly good. “The Pope’s Exorcist could have easily slid into Blatty/Friedkin clone territory, but it didn’t. And Talk To Me? Man, if you get a chance to watch that one, you might want to do it with the lights on.”

The group also spent a few minutes chatting about Isaac’s horror novel Hell Spring, which was released last year, and its forthcoming follow-up. Isaac hopes to have his third Lost Hollow novel completed and released in 2024. The latest Screen Quest Podcast episode featuring Isaac can be found on the Screen Quest YouTube Channel as well as other podcast outlets.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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