Isaac Plays ‘Jersey’ The Werewolf in THE NATURES OF MEN AND MONSTERS

YouTube horror narrator and video creator Immunity Zero recently released the first part of writer Marc Selby’s The Natures of Men and Monsters on the Read with Immunity YouTube channel. The story stars Lance’s Creepy Reading, another YouTuber, as Nathan, a vampire-like private detective. Isaac plays Nathan’s werewolf partner Jersey.

“It’s great to be back in a voice acting gig that isn’t my own creation,” Isaac says. “There are times when the ability to perform in a gruff voice comes in handy. It just so happened that the Jersey character is a role I felt like I fit.”

Part 1 of The Natures of Men and Monsters also stars YouTuber Swamp Dweller as Jimmy and SCRM Radio owner Tra Cee as Beth. YouTuber Raggedy Anzy created the artwork.

“It was a pleasure to be included among these folks as they were creating this unique new combination crime drama and horror story,” Isaac says. “I’m looking forward to the release of Part 2 and beyond. It’s not often that I do voice acting in work other than my own or for my own SCRM Radio programs. The last time was when I played the character of Frank in Carmen Online Theater Group’s The Burbs series.”

YouTube horror narrator Immunity Zero releases new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Special releases, like The Natures of Men and Monsters occur on Saturdays. Immunity Zero is also counted among the SCRM Radio family of hosts and creators. SCRM Radio is available for listening 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About The Natures of Men and Monsters

Written by Marc Selby, The Natures of Men and Monsters tells the story of Nathan, a vampire-like private investigator who along with his werewolf partner Jersey are investigating a homicide. In addition to the audio production by Immunity Zero, the text of the tale is available at the author’s blog.

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