MLRP’s BECAUSE REASONS Wins BEST KILL at Independent Horror Movie Awards


My Little Rascal Productions‘ adaptation of Isaac Thorne’s Because Reasons won the BEST KILL award at the 2018 Independent horror Movie Awards. The short film also received three other nominations, including BEST SHORT and BEST ACTRESS for Krista West, who stars in the lead role of Tiffany.

“This is great news coming off the film’s fan favorite win at ConNooga,” Thorne says of the announcement. “Joey and Lisa Sorrentino absolutely deserve all the kudos for this adaptation of my short story. From the cast, to the effects, to the music, to the direction, to the story, everything is bloody and fun. That’s exactly what it should be.”

My Little Rascal Productions completed shooting for Because Reasons in November of 2017. It is the first of three short films slated to be adapted from stories that appear in Thorne’s collection of short tales of dark horror Road Kills. Fledgling serial killer Tiffany appears in three out of the 11 tales in the book.

“I didn’t originally intend to write more stories for Tiffany after Because Reasons,” Thorne says. “I discovered she wasn’t done with me after the original Carmen Theater audio play adaptation of the story premiered. After that, the other two stories just seemed a natural way to complete her arc and bookend the collection.”

As a visual tale, My Little Rascal Productions adapted Tiffany’s monologue into a fast-paced 15-minute film with much of her escapade told in flashback.

“Joey was able to add some original elements to the story that I never even considered,” Thorne says. “I love this version of Tiffany’s story and I couldn’t be happier with My Little Rascal Productions’ work on it. Krista plays Tiffany to perfection. The rest of the cast is just as awesome in their roles. Wonderful jobs all around.”

Isaac Thorne
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