Isaac Reads ‘Dead Rights’ on Rob and Slim Show

As quarantines reign and America struggles with reopening after weeks of Coronavirus lockdown, Isaac joined the Rob and Slim Show on April 29 to discuss writing during a pandemic, among other things. He also read an excerpt from this short tale of dark comic horror titled Dead Rights. The full story is currently available online at HauntedMTL Magazine.

“I’ve been on the Rob and Slim Show so many times that I couldn’t remember whether I’d read an excerpt from one of my earliest short stories, Hoppers,” Isaac says. “Turns out I’d already read that. So I opted to read instead from an even shorter short story that was printed in HauntedMTL last year.”

In addition to reading from Dead Rights, Isaac revealed that he has been unintentionally hoarding Pop Tarts during the pandemic.

“I was too late to get toilet paper, paper towels, or disinfectant wipes,” he explains. “I only go grocery shopping every other week, but every time I pass by the Pop Tarts section of the breakfast cereal aisle, I apparently just can’t resist picking up another box. So now I have a pantry full of Pop Tarts.”

Rob then suggested that Isaac next try the pretzel-flavored ones.

The Rob and Slim Show airs live on Wednesday nights on ipmNation. Recorded episodes can be found on the Rob and Slim Podbean channel. You can listen to episode 240 featuring the excerpt from Dead Rights on Podbean as well.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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