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Podcaster Cleo (@Talk2Cleo), of Talk2Cleo, recently interviewed author of short tales of dark comic horror Isaac Thorne. The topics ranged from growing up a nerd to horror in general.

“I was happy to visit with Cleo for that half hour or so we spent chatting,” Thorne says. “I know horror isn’t her thing, but she’s an incredible interviewer and relates so well to her guests. It was a fun time.”

He adds that because of the time difference between them, he was being interviewed at midnight on his side of the world while she was performing the interviewing at 6 a.m. on hers.

“Funny how time flies,” he quips.

During the interview, Thorne revealed that he intends to release a new short tale of dark horror titled DIGGUM in the fall of 2016. In addition, he recommended that fans of horror and independent artists check out the stellar work BleedingCritic (@BleedingCritic), Liane Moonraven (@LianeMoonRaven), and James Jay Bryhan (@JJBryhan) are all creating for the genre.

“They’re doing great work,” Thorne says. “I’ve enjoyed it a hundred percent.”

Talk2Cleo’s Podcast

You can listen to Thorne’s interview on LibSyn or on iTunes.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who just wants to provide you with a few fun frights.

Articles: 180

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