Isaac Thorne Launches BookSprout ARC Team

Horror author Isaac Thorne has announced the creation of a new BookSprout advance review copy (ARC) team in preparation for the pre-order stage of his forthcoming novel Hell Spring. BookSprout is an ARC service that attempts to connect authors with teams of reviewers. It is similar to NetGalley in that way.

“Previously, I’ve relied on my email marketing platform to send ARCs to interested folks. I plan to continue doing that as well,” Isaac says. “But BookSprout gives me another avenue to reach reviewers who are interested in getting a free digital copy of my books in exchange for an honest review.”

BookSprout reviewer accounts are free. Authors, on the other hand, pay a fee for specific levels of service.

“I’m giving this a try for Hell Spring,” Isaac says. “If it works well for that novel, I expect to continue using BookSprout for future books.”

Reviewers who would like to receive free digital ARCs from Isaac Thorne can sign up for a BookSprout account and request to join Isaac’s team by clicking the button below.

'Hell Spring' title text with 'Hell' in sans-serif red and 'Spring' in a scripted font, similar to 1950s advertising fonts.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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