‘Hell Spring’ Emerges From Beta

After nearly two months of obtaining and processing beta reader feedback, horror author Isaac Thorne has announced that his next novel, Hell Spring, has emerged from the beta reader process. The manuscript next heads to a professional editor.

“I received some good feedback during the beta process,” Isaac says. “I relied on a combination of volunteer beta readers and beta readers from a professional service. It seemed like the best way to get an expansive view of how readers might process the story.

“I’m excited about this novel,” he adds. “I might be more excited about this one than any of my previous releases.”

'Hell Spring' novel title

Hell Spring drops readers back into the small Tennessee town of Lost Hollow, where Thorne’s previous novel, The Gordon Place, is set. One stark difference between the two stories is the time. While the events of The Gordon Place occurred in October of 2018, Hell Spring is set mainly on the spring equinox of 1955.

Eight people, most of them residents of Lost Hollow, become trapped in the local general store by a flood that washes away their only exit. Among them is a stranger who bears a striking resemblance to a celebrity of the era. The stranger appears to have supernatural access to the sins and shames of the others in the group. As the night progresses, the trapped are forced to face their sins and each other as they try to survive both the flood and the stranger’s attempts to pick them off one-by-one.

“After the editing is complete, It’ll be time to pull together all the art and design work into a whole,” Isaac says. “At that point, I plan to make the book available for preorder and to ARC (advance review copies) reviewers.”

He adds that the book will emerge from preorder and become available for shipping in September. You can check out the trailer for Hell Spring below:

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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