Isaac Appears On TN Horror News’ The Horror Basement

On Nov. 5, 2019, TN Horror News and Promotions dropped the latest episode of its Horror Basement Podcast featuring regular hosts JimJam, Jonny Leroy, and Yeti. Isaac Thorne was the featured guest. For more than an hour, the four discussed horror in general, Isaac’s novel The Gordon Place in particular, and the problem with horror gatekeeping.

“I’ve been looking forward to visiting The Horror Basement for a while now, and it was a pleasure to talk all things horror with the guys,” Isaac says of the experience. “Hopefully, they’ll want to have me back sometime.”

The interview kicked off with The Horror Basement’s question of the week. All four of the guys offered up their opinions on what, if anything, defines a horror fan. The banter continued to include Isaac’s writing process, how to avoid burnout, why he chooses to self-publish, and much more.

The Horror Basement interview was Isaac’s third appearance in other media leading up to and immediately following Halloween. Other recent appearances included an interview with Haunted MTL magazine and a brand new appearance on The Rob and Slim Show.

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Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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