Isaac and ‘Bad Movie Night’ Dissect ‘Creepshow’ Ep. 1

In September of 2019, Shudder released the long-awaited series Creepshow, both a continuation of and homage to the original Stephen King and George A. Romero Creepshow film franchise. After writing a couple of reviews for, Isaac appeared on a special Creepshow episode of Bad Movie Night Podcast to discuss Episode 1 of the new series.

“I love Shudder’s new Creepshow series with all my heart,” Isaac says. “So I was happy to discuss the first episode with Ian and Chris from Bad Movie Night. It’s one of my favorite podcasts. I listen every week.”

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Bad Movie Night is a weekly podcast that features a group of friends who enjoy watching bad horror and sci-fi movies. After a spoilerish review and suggestions for alternate titles, the individuals recommend (or not) the films they discuss.

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Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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