Isaac Appears on Tell Me About Your Book Podcast

Isaac Thorne appeared on Oaky’s Tell Me About Your Book Podcast on May 5, 2023. to discuss his novel Hell Spring. The podcast is an author-centric interview show in which Oaky asks independent authors specific questions about their latest work, their processes, and more.

“Oaky is a wonderful, enthusiastic interviewer,” Isaac says of the experience. “Listening back on our chat, she made me sound much smarter than I really am. It was great to be able to discuss my work in general and Hell Spring in particular with her.”

In addition to discussing the world the events of the novel inhabit, Isaac explained how developing his two novels significantly differs from his short story writing, which is where he started. “The main difference is that my novel ideas tend to begin with what will eventually become the opening scene. My short stories, on the other hand, begin with an idea for an ulimate climactic scene that becomes the bones on which I apply muscle and flesh.”

Hell Spring is currently available from this site and retailers everywhere.

“I would encourage any independent authors with new work out to reach out to Oaky and the Tell Me About Your Book podcast if you’re looking for an interviewer who is also an avid reader,” Isaac adds. “There’s a reason her Instagram handle is OakyLovesToRead!”

You can check out Isaac’s appearance on Tell Me About Your Book on Apple Podcasts.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who just wants to provide you with a few fun frights.

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