Stay Creepy with New Evil Bunny Merch

Horror author Isaac Thorne's iconic evil bunny design is now available as the art on a slew of apparel, home, and other products.

Horror author Isaac Thorne’s iconic evil bunny design, which first appeared on the cover of his ebook short Hoppers, is now available as the art on a slew of apparel, home, and other products. From shirts to coffee mugs to stickers, magnets, and posters, the evil bunny sits in silhouette except for his glowing red eyes and the drool of crimson blood from his mouth. He also has a message for you: “Stay Creepy!”

“The evil bunny has sort of become a trademark for me,” Isaac says. “I’ve been giving away Evil Bunny stickers with physical book purchases and as free gifts at conventions for years now. I thought it was time he developed his own line of retail merch.”

Through a partnership with Printify, Isaac is able to offer the merchandise for sale directly from his shop on Every product is printed on-demand via Printify’s network of partners.

“Thanks to Printify, I’m even able to offer Evil Bunny underwear now,” Isaac says, laughing. “There’s a lot of new merchandise already available on my site, but I’ll be adding even more as time goes on. I’m looking forward to seeing my Evil Bunny pop up all over the place!”

Purchasing Evil Bunny merchandise from Isaac’s site works identically to purchasing books from him. Customers will receive confirmation emails, shipping updates, and more after buying an Evil Bunny. However, Isaac says that selling Evil Bunny merch will not deter him from continuing to spread the joy of the original Evil Bunny sticker elsewhere for free.

“Books shipped by me will still arrive with free Evil Bunny stickers,” he explains. “And if you see me at a con table, you can also pick one up from me there for free.”

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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