Isaac Reads From ‘Gordon Place’ on Rob and Slim

As 2020 wanes and a presidential election looms, Isaac joined the Rob and Slim Show on Sept. 30, 2020, to discuss politics, presidential debates, horror movie villains, and much more. He also read an excerpt from a new chapter of his 2019 horror novel The Gordon Place. The novel is available from book, ebook, and audiobook retailers everywhere.

“All the times I’ve read from The Gordon Place on this show, I’ve never introduced the character of Jeremy Beard,” Isaac says. “Even though he’s kind of a minor character, he’s actually one of my favorites. He’s a post-high school Ghostbusters cosplayer who has made some significant mistakes in his personal life and is kind of looking to redeem himself. He tends to get in his own way, though.”

In addition to reading from The Gordon Place, Rob and Slim asked Isaac which horror antagonist he might choose as a better alternative to the current White House occupant.

“I picked Randall Flagg from Stephen King’s novel The Stand,” Isaac says. “Not only is he charismatic enough to bring in the followers, he also has pandemic experience.”

Episode 250 of Rob and Slim also featured interviews with Hollywood actor Steve Coulter, Jack Casey from The Bass Guy, and weatherman Frankie MacDonald. The Rob and Slim Show airs live on Wednesday nights on ipmNation. Recorded episodes can be found on the Rob and Slim Podbean channel. You can listen to episode 250 featuring the excerpt from The Gordon Place on Podbean as well.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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