Isaac Discusses ‘The Gordon Place’ on Audiobooks From Hell

Isaac appeared on narrator Sean Duregger's Audiobooks From Hell podcast on Feb. 12, 2020, to discuss his horror novel The Gordon Place. Sean just happens to be

Isaac appeared on narrator Sean Duregger’s Audiobooks From Hell podcast on Feb. 12, 2020, to discuss his horror novel The Gordon Place. Sean just happens to be the narrator of the audiobook edition of the novel. The podcast, a companion piece to Sean’s audiobook narration journey of the past year, launched at the beginning of February. Isaac appears on Episode 2.

“It was good to talk about our common experience with this novel,” Isaac says of the episode. “The Gordon Place has been a part of my life for longer than it has Sean’s. Still, it’s funny to think that neither of us really thought of the novel as having any kind of political agenda until some negative reviews started squawking about it.”

In addition to discussing review perspectives and the landmine nature of modern political discourse, Sean delved into some of Isaac’s creative processes, including the creation of the fictional Tennessee town of Lost Hollow. Isaac pointed out that Lost Hollow the town, as a character, was already in his head when he began writing The Gordon Place because it had been mentioned in some of his early short stories. However, the layout, people, and toxic culture of the town really didn’t begin to evolve until his work on The Gordon Place got serious.

“I had the first chapter of the novel written for several years before the rest of it finally came along,” Isaac explains.

Audiobooks From Hell logo superimposed on the cover for Isaac Thorne's 'The Gordon Place'
‘The Gordon Place’ book cover doubles as the cover for Episode 2 of Sean Duregger’s Audiobooks From Hell podcast.

Sean and Isaac also talked about Sean’s role in the audiobook. The narrator had more or less just started his audiobook journey when the opportunity for The Gordon Place came along.

“I was impressed with Sean from the beginning,” Isaac says. “I had several other narrators audition, some of whom approached me and some of whom I approached. Of all of them, Sean was the only one who seemed to understand that a Southern accent is not necessarily a Georgia Southern accent, especially if most of the characters happen to be from Tennessee.

“I’m really happy with the way the audiobook turned out,” he adds. “And I appreciate every single person who has so far taken the time to give the novel a read or a listen, whether they liked it or not.”

You can listen to the episode at Screaming Pods Entertainment. You can also follow Sean Duregger’s audiobook narration journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His full audiobook portfolio is available at Screaming Pods Entertainment.

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