DIGGUM Screenplay Adaptation Accepted to 2017 iHorror Awards

Diggum Screenplay Laurel

On January 21, 2017, the iHorror Awards notified Isaac Thorne that his screenplay adaptation of his short tale of dark horror DIGGUM had been accepted for consideration in the 2017 iHorror Awards. For the first time, the iHorror Awards accepted submissions from independent writers and filmmakers. It was this news that prompted Isaac to adapt one of his own works into a 30-minute screenplay.

“I had a blast reading an audio version of DIGGUM for Audible,” Isaac explains. “But I always envisioned this story as headed for the screen, so I also developed a screenplay version of it. I originally intended for the screenplay to result in an animated short, but I also think it could also easily be filmed as live action.”

DIGGUM is the story of a small town cemetery caretaker who is waging a secret war against God. Prior to his caretaker job, Diggum was a farmer. Unfortunately, he watched helplessly as his wife and son were burned to death. His own belief systems cause him to resent not only their untimely deaths, but also their ability to enter the afterlife. Therefore, Diggum blames God for parting him from his family forever.

“The original story is told directly by Diggum, from his own point of view,” Isaac says. “The cool thing about doing a screenplay version is that I could tell the story again with a slightly varied perspective. Diggum still narrates, but instead of always being directly inside Diggum’s head, you get to know who he is and what his objectives are by actually seeing his memories as well as his actions in current time.”

The screenplay adaptation of DIGGUM was submitted for the Short Horror Screenplay category. The awards take place online March 29, 2017. More information about iHorror and the awards can be found at their web site or by following them on Twitter or Facebook.

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