Audio Book Versions of Two Stories Now Available

On Jan. 12, 2017, Isaac Thorne released two new audio book versions of his short tales of dark comic horror. The audio book versions of both NOBODY WAS HERE and THE MURDER OF CROWS are now available from,, and iTunes.

“I’m happy to finally bring these two stories to the audio book format,” Isaac says of the new releases. “It’s taken some time, but I think what I’ve released here might be helpful to those who want a little dose of horror during their morning or afternoon commutes. Each of these tales clocks in at under an hour.”

Isaac narrated each of the new audio book versions himself. The audio book versions of NOBODY WAS HERE was can be downloaded directly from Amazon, from, or from iTunes. Similarly, the audio book versions of THE MURDER OF CROWS can be downloaded directly from, from, or from iTunes.

Audio Book Versions of Nobody Was Here Synopsis

There are monsters of this world.

They look like us. They behave like us. They even have dreams and ambitions like us. But they are not us.

At least, we do not like to think so.

Sometimes, as is the case with traveling family man Reed Reese, we are confronted by these monsters. Usually when we are most vulnerable. They might not even view it as a confrontation, but we do.

It ultimately leads to what all confrontations lead to: a fight or a flight. Sometimes one of those options is forced upon us. This is one of those times.

Lurid, engrossing, and NOT for the faint of stomach, NOBODY WAS HERE is a short tale of dark comic horror that might make you nervous about your next pit stop along a rural stretch of Southern interstate. There is no rest at this exit. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you even get to relieve yourself.

There is but one certainty when that heavy men’s room door whooshes closed behind you.

You’ll never be the same.

Audio Book Versions of The Murder of Crows Synopsis

In a near future of zero tolerance, Big Brother is not entirely born of the government. He is also your local news. Or your social media friends and followers. Perhaps he’s your neighbors. Everything you say and do is monitored and judged. Almost overnight, the fabric of society has dissolved into a culture of carrions: a murder of crows.

It was only a matter of time before someone found a way to capitalize on it.

Meet Internet, television, and radio sensation Nick Saint, a man who has built a media empire off the public shaming of both celebrities and average joes. Lately Nick has noticed a disturbing trend emerging from the culture he’s spent so many hard hours at work perpetuating. The crows are no longer interested in the food he’s providing, and scavenging for the dirty deeds of others is getting more difficult now that all the world has learned to watch their Ps and Qs.

Can Nick continue to find fresh corpses for his starving flocks to feed on? Or will they finally turn on him instead?

THE MURDER OF CROWS is a short tale of dark comic anxiety from the mind of Isaac Thorne, a nice man who simply wants to provide you with a few fun frights. A satire of modern media and popular culture, in which people are products and their imperfect humanity is entertainment, THE MURDER OF CROWS attempts to follow the trend to what could be its ultimate end.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who just wants to provide you with a few fun frights.

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