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Isaac Thorne completed the first draft of his next novel, Hell Spring, in December. With revisions now in progress, he hopes to release a final draft to beta readers sometime in February with a goal of getting feedback by the end of March or early April.

Hell Spring is set in Lost Hollow, just like The Gordon Place,” Isaac explains, “but in a very different time and under a very different set of circumstances. My last set of beta readers provided an invaluable service by sending me feedback before I completed the final draft of The Gordon Place. They made it a better book. I’m looking forward to the thoughts of a beta team about the new book.”

In addition to a credit in the acknowledgments of Hell Spring, beta readers who provide feedback by the late March/early April deadline will also receive a free signed copy of the novel in either hardcover or paperback formats. If the reader prefers, Isaac will also send a digital copy that can be read on your ereader of choice.

“I’m handling the beta process a little differently this time,” he says. “Last time, I had a little bit of administrative trouble as feedback started arriving. To streamline this, I’m asking beta readers to sign up for a special beta-only email list. I’ll send notifications about the process and deadlines as well as links to beta copies as they come available.

“This won’t be a marketing list,” Isaac adds. “Once the beta process is completed, you won’t receive any more emails from that list until next beta feedback project comes around.”

Beta copies of Isaac’s work are for beta readers only. By volunteering to become a beta reader, you agree that you will not sell or share the manuscript or information about the manuscript or program with other people. In addition, suggestions that you make to Isaac as a volunteer beta reader become the property of Isaac Thorne. You agree that you will not request royalties or other payment if Isaac chooses to implement your suggestions.

To sign up to become a volunteer beta reader for Isaac Thorne, visit the sign-up page or scroll down to use an embedded copy of the sign-up form.

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If you're signing up after 11 a.m. CST on Feb. 6, 2022, you have missed the deadline for beta reads of Isaac Thorne's 2022 novel Hell Spring. Feel free to sign up anyway for an opportunity to beta read whatever comes next!

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