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Would you like to participate in Isaac’s book publishing process? Want early access to new books by Isaac Thorne? Sign up by using the form below. When Isaac is done revising a book, you’ll receive an advance copy of the manuscript to read and on which to provide feedback.

If Isaac receives your feedback by the specified deadline, he will send you a signed physical copy of the finished book when published.

Legal note:

Beta copies of Isaac’s work are for beta readers only. By volunteering to become a beta reader, you agree that you will not sell or share the manuscript or information about the manuscript or program with other people. In addition, suggestions that you make to Isaac as a volunteer beta reader become the property of Isaac Thorne. You agree that you will not request royalties or other payment if Isaac chooses to implement your suggestions.

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All we ask is that you provide any feedback you have before a deadline set by the author. When the book you've assisted with is complete, you will receive a free copy. If the book is a physical book, it will be signed by the author. Note that you must provide your physical shipping address in order to receive the finished book.

Shipping Address

A shipping address is required if you want a signed copy of the book you've beta read shipped to you when the final publication is complete. If you do not complete this section, the author will assume that you do not want the free physical copy. You will instead be sent a digital copy via email in your preferred format.

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