Because Reasons (ebook)


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She’s not bad. She’s just bored.

Tiffany is an above average girl, an all-American dream. Her mother is a successful lawyer. Her father is CEO of two different startups. She has perfect social skills. Her mind is sharp. Her instincts? Killer.

Unfortunately, Tiffany has a problem. She’s bored. So bored. She has no idea what she’s going to do with her life. That is, until the night her mother dies right before her eyes.

That night Tiffany decides she’s going to go out and have some real fun. Some blood-soaked fun. Fun is powerful and power is legit.

Because being bored is worse than being dead.

Because reasons.

This short tale of dark comic horror from the mind of Isaac Thorne follows Tiffany on her murderous romp down a lonely desert highway, perhaps to her own destiny.

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