TN Horror News Releases ‘Whispers In The Walls’

In October of 2020, TN Horror News and Promotions released Whispers in the Walls, a collection of horror short stories penned by the site’s team of writers. Isaac Thorne, who reviews movies and streaming service original offerings for the site, contributed a new short tale of dark comic horror titled Practical Ghosts. It is the second of eight stories in the volume.

“I’m thrilled that the TN Horror News team wanted to pull together a book of ghost stories,” Isaac says. “Haunted houses are the main thread that connects all of these works. Some of them are serious. Some of them are funny. But all of them are unique.”

Alongside Isaac’s contribution, Whispers in the Walls features short tales by TN Horror News writers Yeti, Bryce Gibson, Dan Lee, Angela McNichols, and Tyler Dean.

Whispers In The Walls cover with description text "From the minds of the Tennessee Horror News writing team comes a collection of eight new and original ghost stories. In this book, you will find scares, laughs, and quietly haunting moments that will stick with you for weeks to come. Discover haunted houses, cursed objects, alternate realities, vengeful spirits, and more! Features new and original stories from Isaac Thorne, Bryce Gibson, Dan Lee, Angela McNichols, Tyler Dean, and Yeti.

Isaac’s Practical Ghosts is a slapstick horror tale about a group of fame-hungry paranormal investigators who have paid a slumlord for the opportunity to shoot an episode of their television show in one of his tenantless houses. In fact, the slumlord has created a business around the stories about two people who died violently in the home. He regularly rents the place out to paranormal investigation teams. Because he doesn’t need to maintain the place for a tenant, he considers this venture more lucrative than renting it as a place to live.

For their part, the paranormal investigation team is, in reality, a cynical gang of television personalities who are in it for the fame, money, and entertainment value. Individually, the members of the team might or might not actually believe in the paranormal. Mostly, they are in it for the notoriety. Little do they know that two very real and very angry spirits actually do reside in the old house. And they’re very tired of remaining hidden while goofy paranormal “experts” wander around their halls shouting expletives, feeling cold spots, and pretending to get possessed.

Fed up, the two permanent tenants of the house plot to oust this latest group of starlets, and paranormal investigations in general, for good.

Whispers in the Walls is available for $13USD from book retailers. You can buy a paperback copy of Whispers in the Walls at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Lulu. The official publisher’s description of the collection is as follows:

Whispers in the Walls is a collection of new and original ghost stories from the writing team at Tennessee Horror News. These ghostly yarns will introduce you to vengeful spirits, cursed objects, and even some humorous hauntings. Includes contributions from Isaac Thorne, Bryce Gibson, Dan Lee, Yeti, Angela McNichols, and Tyler Dean.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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