ROAD KILLS Arrives Alive in Paperback and Ebook Formats

Road Kills Arrives

ROAD KILLS arrives at long last.

You can purchase ROAD KILLS directly from If you’d like an official autographed paperback copy (along with a sinister evil bunny sticker), you can purchase that at

“It’s been a long drive,” Isaac says of the process to the completion of ROAD KILLS. “I’m happy to have finally arrived. Technically, this is only a stopping point. Now the real work begins of getting these stories into the hands of lovers of horror.”

Each of the stories in the collection is connected to travel, to the road, in some fashion. After all, it is always lurking there, quiet and dark, just waiting for you to come out for a drive or a walk or a jog. However you next confront it, the road is already there, plotting.

And waiting.

For you.

Enjoy the ride.

ROAD KILLS contains all seven of Isaac’s previously published short stories. In addition, Isaac has included three never-before-published stories and the award-winning screenplay adaptation of his short tale DIGGUM.

ROAD KILLS Arrives With a Choice of Covers

One unique feature of the paperback edition of ROAD KILLS is that the paperback cover can be glossy or matte, depending on where you purchase it. Isaac has released a Barnes & Noble-exclusive edition of the paperback that features a matte cover, which can be purchased at The regular edition of the paperback with the glossy cover is available at Barnes & Noble as well as other retailers.

ROAD KILLS Arrives With Free Signed Copies Available

Five lucky winners of a ROAD KILLS giveaway will get a free, autographed copy of the title directly from Isaac. The contest ends October 6. Winners will be notified and their copies shipped after that date. To enter, visit Isaac Thorne’s site.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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