MLRP Releases Adaptation of Because Reasons On YouTube

Krista West as Tiffany in Because Reasons

My Little Rascal Productions, LLC, has released a short movie adaptation of Isaac Thorne’s Because Reasons on YouTube. The movie was released following its tour of the festival circuit, where it won fan favorite at the 2018 Tennessee Horror News Film Festival, Best Kill at the 2018 Independent Horror Movie Awards, and Honorable Mention at the 2018 Top Shorts Festival.

“I’m really excited that the public now gets to see this incredible adaptation of one of my short stories,” Isaac says of the release. “Everyone at MLRP really stepped up and knocked it out of the park on this.”

The short movie was directed by Roger Glass. Glass also edited and provided cinematography along with Daniel Brown. Joseph and Lisa Sorrentino were executive producers.

The movie stars Krista West as fledgling serial killer Tiffany. Shawn Shillingford plays her most current unwilling victim, whom she simply calls “Buddy Boo.” Tiffany’s mother and father are played by Julie Chapin and David R. Clayton, respectively. Pastor Bev is played by Adela-Adriana Moscu. The cast is rounded out by “Girl in Car,” who is played by Melissa Marie. Marie was also responsible for the makeup work.

“The cast couldn’t have been better,” Isaac says. “They all brought their A-game to this project.”

Sound engineering was provided by Jack Chance while Jeff Locke and Corrine Sorrentino served as production assistants. Dustin Kerr assisted Melissa Marie with special effects and makeup.

You can watch the trailer for MLRP’s adaptation of Because Reasons below.

About Because Reasons

She’s not bad. She’s just bored.

Tiffany is an above average girl, an all-American dream. Her mother is a successful lawyer. Her father is CEO of two different startups. She has perfect social skills. Her mind is sharp. Her instincts? Killer.

Unfortunately, Tiffany has a problem. She’s bored. So bored. She has no idea what she’s going to do with her life. That is, until the night her mother dies right before her eyes.

That night Tiffany decides she’s going to go out and have some real fun. Some blood-soaked fun. Fun is powerful and power is legit.

Because being bored is worse than being dead.

Because reasons.

This short tale of dark comic horror from the mind of Isaac Thorne follows Tiffany on her murderous romp down a lonely desert highway, perhaps to her own destiny.

The full 15-minute movie adaptation of Because Reasons is below:
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