My Little Rascal Productions To Film Isaac Thorne Stories

My Little Rascal Productions

My Little Rascal Productions, which is an independent film company based in Lancaster, Penn., is collaborating with horror short story author Isaac Thorne to produce film adaptations of several of Thorne’s works. Production of the films is slated to begin in 2017.

“MLRP is proud of this new collaboration and we’re confident it will be a successful one,” a production company representative states. “Isaac Thorne’s short horror stories are not only good old fashioned scary, but thought-provoking as well, and we’ve always felt that’s the best kind of horror.”

Thorne adds that he’s excited to see his work translated to the screen. Two of his stories have already been adapted for audio theater, he says, but “the screen can add a whole new dimension of storytelling within the tale.”

“I was approached by My Little Rascal after connecting with them on Twitter,” Thorne continues. “We share some indie creative experiences, and I like their vision for how my tales could be interpreted for the screen. I’m excited to launch into this phase of storytelling with them.”

About My Little Rascal Productions

My Little Rascal Production Company is currently producing another short horror film that is not based on a Thorne story. That film is titled We Love Selfies. You can find them on Twitter @MyLittleRascal1 and on Facebook.

About Isaac Thorne

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who wants to provide you with a few fun frights. His short tales of dark comic horror can be found at most ebook retailers. Some audio versions of his work are available in both audio book form from Audible and iTunes, and in audio play format from Carmen Online Theater Group. In addition to his work with MLRP, Thorne is compiling a collection of his short tales of dark comic horror that is intended for release in both paperback and ebook formats in the fall of 2017.