Isaac Appears on BEYOND THE VOID Horror Podcast

Isaac Thorne appeared on BEYOND THE VOID Horror Podcast, where he and host Alex developed a storyline for a fictional horror movie titled CADILLAC KILLERS.

“I have to admit that I was nervous about doing this,” Isaac says. “Nearly every Monday, the podcast hosts Alex and Britni pick a listener or host-generated movie title at random and create a movie storyline for it on the spot. I hope I was able to do the segment justice!”

For Monday, February 5, 2018, Alex and Isaac drew the movie title THE CADILLAC KILLERS. What developed from that title was an action-packed thriller about a gang of murderers who answer only to an entity known as The Voice. What ties these killers together is their love of murder and their love of their Cadillac cars, which they often use in some fashion to facilitate their murders.

“It’s amazing what creative brainstorming between two or more people can turn up,” Isaac adds. “What starts out feeling like an impossible task eventually fills an hour or more of podcast time with action, drama, and gore.”

About Beyond The Void

BEYOND THE VOID airs two episodes per week: one on Monday and one on Wednesday. Monday episodes are typically dedicated to segments such as “Horror Shots,” “Grave Plots,” and horror news. Thursday episodes are often comprised of film reviews. Alex and Britni review two films of a somewhat similar nature or background.

“I listen to BEYOND THE VOID twice a week every week,” Isaac says. “It’s a great commute podcast.”

You can follow BEYOND THE VOID podcast on Twitter @btvcast or on Facebook. You can find the podcast itself on iTunes or at The website also includes the recipes for Horror Shots and a wealth of other information.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

Isaac Thorne is a nice man who just wants to provide you with a few fun frights.

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