Isaac Releases New Short Story for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th comes in October this year, and what better way to celebrate than to release a brand new short tale of dark comic horror? On October 13, 2017, Isaac Thorne releases his newest, never-before-published tale titled PLANT.

The title is already available for download in ebook format from for USD 99 cents. However, subscribers to Isaac’s email newsletter can nab the title free of charge by following the instructions within the newsletter that will go out on Friday morning.

If you are not yet signed up to receive Isaac’s email newsletter, you can do so by visiting this page on The newsletter typically goes out once per month, but because October saw the release of Isaac’s new collection of short tales and a Friday the 13th, Isaac thought it was important to celebrate.

About Friday the 13th

It’s not just a movie franchise. Friday the 13th has become associated with a day of bad luck, if you’re the superstitious sort. You can read all about it at Wikipedia. Typically, there are two Friday the 13ths per year. In addition to this October’s, there was one in January 2017.


Joe Cannon is a good ole boy, a Southern Tennessee Democrat made good. He’s confident in who he is and he knows who he wants to be. All the personal failures and vices that might have once stood in the way of his climb up the political ladder are far in the past.

But Joe has a problem. He’s not sure he’s done a very good job of raising his daughter. Rachel not only disagrees with him politically but also has all the bad personal habits and vices he tried hard to leave behind. Joe often fears his daughter will harm his career.

One night, when he returns to his capitol building office to do some thinking about how to best ensure his daughter’s choices do not affect his own future, Joe is confronted by a dark figure. The man in the shadows seems to know far too much about his personal history for Joe’s comfort. More than that, he seems to be threatening Joe’s life.

Can Joe escape the shadows of his past and prevent himself from getting killed in the process?

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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