DIGGUM Finalist In Crimson Horror Film Festival and 13Horror.com Screenplay Contest

2017 Crimson Screen Film Festival Finalist

Isaac Thorne’s screenplay adaptation of DIGGUM, a short tale of dark horror, has been named a finalist for unproduced short screenplay in the 2017 Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. In addition, DIGGUM was a finalist in the 13Horror.com screenplay competition.

“I’m truly excited about the attention my screenplay adaptation of DIGGUM is receiving from film festivals,” Isaac says. “I was honored that DIGGUM was chosen as a finalist in the 13horror contest, and I’m looking forward to hearing the results of the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest as well.”

About DIGGUM’s Finalist Status

To date, DIGGUM has been recognized five times. The screenplay won BEST VIOLENCE in the 2017 Chemical Film Festival. In addition, it has been nominated for best screenplay in the iHorror Awards. The screenplay was also nominated for BEST SHORT SCRIPT in the 2017 February Independent Horror Movie Awards.


DIGGUM is a short tale of dark horror from the mind of Isaac Thorne. It is available in short story format as an ebook and an audiobook from ebook retailers. After he released the short story, Isaac adapted it into a 30-minute screenplay format. The screenplay is currently unproduced.

“From the beginning, I thought DIGGUM would make a great television short for something like a TWILIGHT ZONE or TALES FROM THE CRYPT,” Thorne says. “I could also see it as its own standalone piece. I imagine it as what I would call a semi-animated format. The way I picture it is primarily line drawing stills with voiceover, but the stills would occasionally feature a single element of animation. Sketches of DIGGUM’s memories as he tells the story, basically. I’d love to see DIGGUM drawn in the style of Robert Kirkman’s THE WALKING DEAD. That’s how I see him in my head.”

In addition to the Chemical Film Festival award, the screenplay adaptation of DIGGUM has been accepted as a nominee in the iHorror Awards. The winners of the iHorror Awards will be announced by iHorror later in March.

Although the screenplay is unproduced, a trailer for the ebook version of DIGGUM is available on YouTube:

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