Radio Play Adaptation of BECAUSE REASONS Coming Soon

FROM THE WEB: Producer and actor Liane MoonRaven has teamed up with the Banksy of horror, Bleeding Critic, to create an original radio play adaptation of “Because Reasons,” a short tale of dark comic horror by author Isaac Thorne. The production will air for the first time on Jan. 28, 2015, at 10 p.m. EST. Listeners can join the story from a variety of sources available at Carmen Online Theater Group‘s site.

About the Radio Play

Adapted directly from the short story by Isaac Thorne, the radio play takes advantage of the audio format to enhance the experience with ambient sounds and terrifying narration. Liane MoonRaven plays the demented Tiffany while Bleeding Critic narrates.

Story author Isaac Thorne says that the combination of the two talents ensures the listener a truly creepy auditory experience. “Liane MoonRaven is fantastic as the psychotic Tiffany,” he says. “Meanwhile, Bleeding Critic is filling a role similar to the Crypt Keeper in Tales From The Crypt, except with more creepy and less funny. As he often says, BC doesn’t do funny.”

In addition to the superb cast, BECAUSE REASONS features music from several talented independent artists, including David Bruce Davis, XaosLord, and Joona Latte. The audio was mixed with effects by Banana Audio. Listeners can find Bleeding Critic on Twitter with the handle @BleedingCritic. Liane MoonRaven can also be found there. Her handle is @LianeMoonRaven.

About the Story

Radio Play Adaptation of Because Reasons

Thorne says that he wrote BECAUSE REASONS as a means of reversing the roles of a familiar horror trope, the demented madman and the damsel in distress. Tiffany is an above average girl, an all-American dream. Her mother is a successful lawyer. Her father is CEO of two different tech startups. Her social skills are exemplary. Her mind is sharp. Her instincts? Killer.

But Tiffany has a problem. She’s bored. So bored. She has no idea what she’s going to do with her life. That is, until the night her mother dies right before her eyes.

“For years we’ve seen these strong, demented male villains pick on what we see depicted as a helpless woman,” Thorne explains. “If the woman is portrayed as strong, it’s usually a result of her overcoming some kind of personal attack or crisis. I thought it might be interesting to reverse those roles. I wanted to see what would happen when a bored barely grown girl just starts killing out of pure boredom.”

That night Tiffany decides she’s going to go out and have some real fun. Some blood-soaked fun. Because fun is powerful and power is legit.

Because being bored is worse than being dead. Because reasons.

Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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