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The Gordon Place Cover
The Gordon Place Cover

Whether your book club has five members or a hundred, is pleased to now be capable of offering discounts for bulk orders of physical or ebook copies of both The Gordon Place and Road Kills. From the product page, add the number of copies you need of either title to your cart and your price will be automatically discounted by a certain percentage that is based on the number of copies in your cart.

“I’ve wanted to be able to offer book clubs and other bulk buyers a special discount for a while now,” Isaac says of the new feature. “Until today, I didn’t have an elegant way to do that through my site. I’d prefer not to require the use of a checkout code or some other obstacle, so automating the discount based on shopping cart contents seems like an ideal solution.”

For now, bulk orders can be placed for either The Gordon Place or Road Kills in every format except audio. Single short story titles from Isaac’s site are already discounted beyond what is offered by other retailers, so bulk order discounts do not apply to them.

“The audiobook orders don’t come directly from my site,” Isaac explains. “So it’s not possible for me to offer bulk discounts for those. If you order an audiobook from here, you’re technically ordering it from either or

“As for the single short story ebooks: I sell most of those for about a quarter less than other digital retailers like Amazon anyway, so there’s no need to bulk discount them.”

When asked if book clubs will be able to order signed copies of physical editions, Isaac says the answer is yes.

“It might not be possible for me to personalize those,” he adds, “but if you place a bulk order for signed copies, each copy will contain my autograph and two evil bunny stickers per book. Unsigned copies will contain one evil bunny sticker per book.”

As always, shipping and packaging options will depend on quantity and availability.

“If you choose to ship via the postal service, I highly recommend using Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express,” Isaac says. “Other options can be significantly slower right now.”

He adds that bulk orders might take longer to ship anyway, depending on stock quantities.

“I ship all book orders that come from this site myself,” he explains. “It’s rare that I drop-ship something from a manufacturer. If your order is back ordered, it might take up to six weeks before it ships directly from me. It’ll be worth the wait, though.”

Isaac Thorne
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