Nobody Was Here



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Nobody Was Here Synopsis

There are monsters of this world.

They look like us. They behave like us. They even have dreams and ambitions like us. But they are not us.

At least, we do not like to think so.

Sometimes, as is the case with traveling family man Reed Reese, we are confronted by these monsters. Usually when we are most vulnerable. They might not even view it as a confrontation, but we do.

It ultimately leads to what all confrontations lead to: a fight or a flight. Sometimes one of those options is forced upon us. This is one of those times.

Lurid, engrossing, and NOT for the faint of stomach, NOBODY WAS HERE is a short tale of dark comic horror that might make you nervous about your next pit stop along a rural stretch of Southern interstate. There is no rest at this exit. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you even get to relieve yourself.

There is but one certainty when that heavy men’s room door whooshes closed behind you.

You’ll never be the same.


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