T’was The Season For Podcasts

Over the past few weeks, Isaac has appeared on a number of podcasts, including Bad Movie Night's Creepshow Hour, The Steve & Crypto Show, and The Rob & Slim Show.

Halloween is every day at Isaac Thorne’s place, but the month of October is typically an even busier time for the horror author in terms of special appearances. Over the past few weeks, Isaac has appeared on a number of podcasts, including Bad Movie Night’s Creepshow Hour, The Steve & Crypto Show, and The Rob & Slim Show. That last is a long-running morning radio-style show that has now entered its final season.

“My first appearance on The Rob & Slim Show was one of my first podcast appearances ever,” Isaac says. “I think I might have done one or two other shows before it, but not many. They’ve evolved over the years but always manage to have me back one or more times per season. I even had the privilege of doing some voice acting for them a couple of times. And I once wrote a piece for a former bit they did titled ‘Sleepy Lucas.’ It was a good time.”

On Isaac’s October 2021 Rob & Slim Show appearance, he previewed a portion of his forthcoming novel Hell Spring.

“The book is still in draft stages, but I wanted to give Rob and Slim something completely new in case this is my last appearance,” Isaac explains. “I plan to have the novel through all drafts and editing in time for a 2022 release.”

In addition to his Rob & Slim Show appearance, Isaac also recently appeared on Bad Movie Night’s Creepshow Hour, a regular recap of all things Creepshow, but particularly new episodes as seasons are released. Isaac, Ian, J.D., and Chris all chatted about the fifth episode of Season 3, “Time Out/Things In Oakwood’s Past.”

“I think this is the third time I’ve appeared on Creepshow Hour,” Isaac says. “The fun thing about this show is not only reliving the episode of Creepshow we just watched but also hearing how varied the opinions are. From story to effects to twists and comeuppance, the hot takes are always entertaining.”

As of this writing, Isaac is also scheduled to appear on a forthcoming episode of Creepshow hour that will serve as a Season 3 wrap-up.

Last but not least, Isaac appeared on The Steve & Crypto Show’s Halloween special episode as part of a whirlwind of guests that included actor Doug Jones, The Queen of Screams Malvolia, and music from Shadow Figures. There were also drop-in appearances by some well-known names in horror hosting.

“Steve and I have been discussing an appearance on The Steve & Crypto Show for a while,” Isaac says. “I was honored to have a segment on such a star-studded episode. Steve’s show is younger than the others, but no less polished. I listen to every episode.”

You can find The Steve & Crypto Show episode on Anchor.fm. Steve and Crypto are also both on social media. You can find everything Creepshow Hour and more at the Bad Movie Night site. The S3E5 episode on which Isaac appears is available on Apple Podcasts and other outlets. The Rob and Slim Show can be found on Twitter; their episodes are all available on Podbean. The latest interview with Isaac was not yet posted as of this writing, but should appear there when it is.

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