Isaac Discusses Capital Punishment on Blood On The Rocks Podcast

Blood on the Rocks Podcast

In May of 2018, Isaac Thorne appeared on the Blood on the Rock podcast, where he discussed the history of capital punishment and read an excerpt from “Safety First,” a short story that appears in Road Kills.

“It was a fascinating conversation,” Isaac says of the experience. “Akshay Tailor and I discussed several highlights from capital punishment throughout history. For example, I had no idea that the death sentence was first codified way back in the 18th Century BC. There were 25 reasons the state could kill you, but none of them were murder.

“Blood on the Rocks seems unique in the horror podcast sphere,” he continues. “It’s a podcast that centers on the discussion of real-life horrific and gruesome stories from throughout history. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Akshay.”

After the discussion, Isaac read an excerpt from “Safety First,” which appears in the short story collection Road Kills and airs regularly in audio form on SCRM Radio.

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Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne

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