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Hoppers Synopsis

Mike Bragg is a man you can trust. He’ll fix your car up right. He might even drive it home himself, just to make sure it’s running exactly the way he thinks it should before you get it back. But when he accidentally runs over a small brown rabbit on his way home from work one day, Mike chalks up the incident as just another insignificant rodent casualty.

“Too many of them hoppers anyway,” he reasons. And maybe he’s right, because that very afternoon dozens of them begin to crowd outside the door of Mike’s humble abode.

Watching. Waiting.


HOPPERS is a short tale of dark comic horror from the mind of Isaac Thorne, a nice man who simply wants to provide you with a few fun frights. Fast-paced and packed with edge-of-your-seat moments, HOPPERS is a story that might make you wary about what darts out in front of your speeding car on a given afternoon. Better to put that smart phone down and keep your eyes on the road than try to survive the vengeful roadkill vendetta of the HOPPERS.


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