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Because Reasons

November 7, 2015 / New Books

‘Because Reasons’ Available Cyber Monday

Isaac Thorne, author of short tales of dark comic horror, has announced the Cyber Monday 2015 release of “Because Reasons”, his latest dark tale. The book is available for pre-order…

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Reviews and Testimonials

“This story tackles a lot, but at the backbone of it all, it’s a story about forgiveness.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Goodreads)


“Honestly, the best horror story I have read in a long time.” (review of THE GORDON PLACE on Amazon)


“The Gordon Place needs to be a movie!” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


“…an exciting ride and I couldn’t wait to keep listening every time I had to step away.” (Audible review of The Gordon Place)


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