December 1st, 2022

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Horror author Isaac Thorne has created accounts on both Mastodon and Hive Social, the popular social networks that many of the bird app's folks have flocked to as potential replacements. People fleeing Twitter or looking for an alternative should a disaster happen can find him as on Mastodon and as IsaacRThorne on Hive. In addition, Isaac rejoined the Slasher app, a horror-centric social network, recently as @IsaacThorne.

"I'm not going to make predictions about the ultimate fate of Twitter," Isaac says. "But with the resurrection of some hazardous accounts under its new ownership, I don't think it's a place I want to stay long term. I'm not leaving yet. There's always a chance that things could turn around. The new owner might learn that there are no absolutes, not even regarding freedom of speech. Not even in cyberspace. I'm not hopeful, though."

Of the alternatives, Mastodon seems to be Isaac's favorite so far.

"If you enable the advanced web experience in a desktop/laptop browser, you get exactly the experience on Mastodon that you do on Twitter using TweetDeck. And since I used TweetDeck more than the mobile apps, it was a natural transition for me.

"A lot of folks were confused by the fediverse, me included," he adds. "But I later understood that it doesn't matter what server you join. You can follow and interact with folks on just about any instance you'd care to as long as it's federated."

Of course, readers can always keep up with Isaac by visiting this site, even if you're not on social media. Isaac's Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok account also remain intact.

"It's a strange time we live in," Isaac says. "I'm just out here keeping my head up along with the rest of you. No matter what happens with the bird site, we'll be able to find each other. For now we just have to keep on keeping on."
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