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Happy New Year, reader!

My Horror Novel Hell Spring is being featured in a BookSirens January "Horror ARCs You'll Love" Bundle. If you're a BookSirens reviewer (or you want to sign up to be one), you can still claim copies of Hell Spring for review.

BookSirens is a curated review service, one of the better ones available to independent authors like me. Therefore, it does have a set of criteria that must be met if you sign up and claim a book for review. In addition, publishers get approval over who does and does not get an ARC. In other words, if you're mainly looking for books to pad your "challenge" count, don't sign up.

If you've already read and reviewed Hell Spring, you still might want to check out the other horror titles in the BookSirens January bundle. There are tons.

If you choose to sign up for BookSirens, MY only request is that you read a book's provided blurb and 15-page (or thereabouts) excerpt before you claim that book for review. Otherwise, you ain't gonna be making an informed decision. And that's no good for anyone.

Click the image below to get started.

Selection of horror titles in BookSirens's January 2023 batch of Horror ARCs You'll Love
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