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'Hell Spring' Preorders Ship Soon

Isaac Thorne's latest horror novel has already received a number of prestigious reviews.
The preorder period ends Sept. 20.
There's still time if you want to be among the first customers to receive it!
If you're a newsletter subscriber, chances are you've seen my emails, my social media posts, my ads, or some pre-release reviews of Hell Spring on Goodreads, Instagram, or TikTok by now. If you haven't preordered yet, and if you're so inclined, you can get your very own copy by visiting your favorite retailer.

In addition, you can order directly from me if you'd like a signed copy along with some of my free trademark evil bunny stickers and a couple of STUNNING Hell Spring bookmarks. I offer both signed and unsigned physical copies of my books for a bit less money than you'll pay at retailers, but you'll most likely also have to wait a little longer to get them. I'm not a retail behemoth, after all!

If you are on the fence about whether Hell Spring is worth your time, take a look at what some of its early reviewers have had to say:

“...the mix of sorrow and shame powering these stories lends substance to the scenes of horror. The shocking moments deliver serious jolts.” —Booklife Review by Publishers Weekly

“The small town and the store are compelling, claustrophobic backdrops to this drama, and the book’s tension mounts at an exponential rate.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews

“It is disorienting, grotesque, absurdly funny and oddly hot...” —Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto

There are plenty more such sentiments on Goodreads from NetGalley, Edelweiss, Booksprout, #bookstagram and #booktok readers.

Interested? Click the buy links above or check out the synopsis below. And always remember: Turn around. Don't drown.

Hell Spring

In the twilight of March 21, 1955, eight people take cover in their local general store while a thundering torrent and flash flooding threatens life and livelihood alike. An overflowing waterway destroys their only path of escape.

The tiny band of survivors is forced to confront themselves and each other when a peculiar stranger with a famous face tries to pick them off one by one.

Can the neighbors survive the predator in their midst as well as the 100-year flood that drowns the small town of Lost Hollow?

Or will they become victims of the night the townsfolk all remember as Hell Spring?


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'Hell Spring' novel cover featuring a 1950s store with flood waters up to the top of the front porch. In the foreground, a 1950s blonde woman in a blue dress stares over her shoulder, red flashes in her eyes.
Sihlouette of an evil bunny with red eyes and blood dripping from the left corner of its mouth.
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